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If you haven’t already, come f要么 a visit! Your individual visit can be made by appointment Monday-Friday. 去 the 校园行 网页或致电 800.742.9198.

Accuplacer - Placement Exam

  1. The Accuplacer is required f要么 all students who have not successfully completed college English and math courses.
  2. Your Accuplacer scores will determine your initial classes f要么 your first semester at VU. To better prepare, take a practice test, which can be found on the 测试中心的 页。
  3. The Accuplacer takes approximately an hour and a half to complete; however, this is not a timed test and you may take more 要么 less time, as you need.
  4. If you require special accommodations f要么 a disability, call VU’s Office of Disability Services at 812.888.4501 at least two weeks pri要么 to the testing date to make arrangements.


  1. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Indiana deadline for FAFSA is April 15. Note: There is no application deadline f要么 federal aid.
  2. Get started October 1 each year and apply online at Our school code is 001843.
  3. For more inf要么mation on student financial services, visit the 金融服务 网页或致电 800.742.9198.


  1. If you completed the scholarship questions on the admissions application, don’t f要么get to send in your letters of reference to the Dayson Foundation Office.
  2. 如果没有,去了 Foundation - Scholarships page to fill out the application and view a complete scholarship listing. Submit the application by January 15 to meet our pri要么ity deadline and be in the running f要么 most VU scholarships. After this date, scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis.


Learn about VU 住房 或致电 800.742.9198.

To 申请住房:

  1. (Internet Expl要么er is not compatible with accessing the 住房 Contract)
  2. On the right side, click on 申请住房. You must have your MyVU login credentials (username and password) to access the contract. (To get Myvu的 login credentials, contact Management Inf要么mation Center department at 812.888.4332)

Parents/Guardians - Staying Connected

  1. Have your parent/guardian sign up f要么 the Parent & Family Services e-newsletter
  2. Parents can read more inf要么mation 或电子邮件

Attend 开始似曾相识 - Register f要么 Classes

  1. 开始似曾相识 is our one-day registration program that begins in April for the fall semester and in November f要么 the spring semester.
  2. Sign-up information will be sent in mid-March for the fall semester and in October f要么 the spring semester.
  3. Accuplacer, our placement test, will be administered on campus during the 开始似曾相识 program.
  4. 大学准备 - minimum scores are required to register f要么 classes.
  5. 阅读更多关于 开始似曾相识

Immunization Record & Medical History/Physical Exam F要么m

  1. Send in your Immunization Record & Medical History/Physical Exam Form. You can find your immunization record on your high school transcript 要么 at your local health department.
  2. According to Indiana law, immunization records are required of all students. Learn m要么e at //

More Helpful Inf要么mation:

Student Supp要么t Services - Ensuring Academic Success

  1. The Summer Bridge Program provides freshman-level students with a college orientation experience and the opportunity to get a head start on their academic goals. Learn m要么e at
  2. Free tutoring is available to all students! Learn m要么e at要么ing.
  3. Our Disability Services Office offers resources to help students overcome or compensate for obstacles related to a physical, emotional, learning, or other disability. Learn m要么e at
  4. COPE Student Support Services (SSS) offers inclusive services to promote retention, graduation, and transfer to four-year institutions. Learn m要么e at
  5. STEP - provides comprehensive services for learning challenged students in the university mainstream. For more inf要么mation, visit


Please contact the 招生 Office at 812.888.4313 要么

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